Letters to Nepal is a Brooklyn-based indie-electronic duo. When Anton and Evgenyia exchanged Siberia for North Carolina in 2012, they used this new beginning to record all the material they’ve been working on before their relocation and released their debut album “RAW” to great initial success. Longing for a greater music community, the duo moved to New York in 2014, where they soon performed at some of the city’s most popular festivals like CMJ, Play-Diem, Make Music New York, played Sofar Sounds shows and delighted at legendary venues like Mercury Lounge, Pianos or Baby’s All Right to just name a few. Additionally, they found radio play on stations like WBAI, Radio Free Brooklyn, WEMF Radio and The BIRN. In October 2016, Letters to Nepal released their second album “LUX”, which won them many new fans not alone thanks to the atmospheric vocals, the emotional lyrics and the cosmic Theremini sounds. Live Evgenyia and Anton convince with an effortless blend of electronic and acoustic instruments. Spring 2017 sees the duo heading out for an East Coast tour, promoting  “LUX” and their up-coming EP while playing shows in Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, Pennsylvannia, Washington DC and New Jersey. 

 The Deli Magazine :

Letters to Nepal brings newly refurbished sound to Rockwood Music Hall on 6/30

Throughout their more than decennial career as a bandLetters to Nepal have continuously redefined their sound, and they show no signs of settling. On past projects, the New Yorkers by way of Siberia have showed ambient post-rock inclinations, building atmospheric arrangements to emphasize Evgeniya Kuznetsova's mellow but vivid voice.  Their latest track, "TRICKY," shifts towards a sound that's more electronic, with trip hop overtones (hence the title?). Kuznetsova's vocals are pushed more to the forefront than ever before, her poetic lyrics meshing nicely with the tranquil electronic production.  "TRICKY" is a promising new-new beginning for Letters to Nepal. See them live at Rockwood Music Hall on 6/30. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber


"One of the things that you pick up on with LETTERS TO NEPAL is their uncanny knack for developing the scope in the sound. It acts as an extension to the music and in turn enhances the depth that presents itself. The compact overture in the structure is deliberately constructed from this as a point of focus. It allows the elaborate touches in the arrangement to comfortably merge over the playing, and in doing so things come full circle. What is also an excellent piece of craftsmanship is their approach on each track. Here they sense the worth of the patient calling. That allows for the precision in the running to sell you on what they are about as a band with a clear mark of distinction. That is honed in the patient calling that is alluringly developed to great effect."

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